The 8 of June, Dr. Ursula Oberst, professor of Psychology at Ramon Llull University one of our psychologists offered the talk “The challenge of raising children”. The presentation presented an introduction to the Positive Discipline approach to parenting, as well as an outline of her own concept of working with parents (EDUCON) in our institute.  Both approaches stem from the Psychology of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. In this context, misbehavior is explained as the child’s mistaken strategy to fulfill his or her need to belong to the community and find a place in the family system.

Dr. Oberst pointed out that the child’s misbehavior (for instance, temper tantrum) is only the tip of the iceberg, but fundamental changes in the child’s behavior and in the family dynamics can only occur then we address what lies below: discouragement. The attendants of the talk could learn how avoid punishment, which would only affect the tip of the iceberg, but use encouraging parenting strategies instead; these have a long-term effect not only on the behavior chance, but also on the child’s psychological well-being and capacity of cooperation and sense of belongingness. Parenting courses teach parents new ways to encourage their children so they can become respectful and resourceful members of their families and communities. Counselling is a more one-to-one approach to working with parents individually on specifically educational and psychological issues.The challenge of raising children